Acupuncture Suffolk
Acupuncture Suffolk


"We remain extremely grateful, now and always for all your excellent treatment, care, support and advice. Your treatment has made this the most relaxed and balanced of our 5 IVF cycles. We have high hopes that this will finally work for us. Lots of Love and gratitude," Linda
"Thank you so much for always going way beyond the call of duty in your treatment and for always being available for kind sensitive, sensible, no-nonsense and great advice. Thank you also for seeing us on your day off, just to ensure that we received treatment on day of egg collection." Chris
"Had acupuncture combined with chinese herbs and nutritional advice - it's changed my life and I feel fantastic! Thanks Pam." Karen
"1 year ago I was in a very bad way but now since seeing Pam my life has changed and I feel the I have done in years. Pam and acupuncture are the best thing ever." Helen
"Pam, thank you for your encouraging words and amazing treatments, we couldn't have gotten here without you." Michelle
"Felt really down and depressed after a failed IVF treatment but Pamela was great and gave me loads of support whilst getting ready for the next round." Jenny
"The acupuncture and positive guidance from Pam really helped me prepare my body for pregnancy. Our little girl was born in January. We are so delighted, I know the treatment received from Pam made a difference, thank you so much." Becky
"Hi Pam, we just wanted to write and let you know about the safe arrival of our baby boy. I still can't quite believe he is here and wanted to say thank you again for your help in getting him here. I really feel our weekly chats combined with the acupuncture set me on the pathway to getting pregnant and I am very grateful for that." Agnes
"Had infertility treatment acupuncture with Pamela which led to a successful pregnancy and a baby girl!!" Rachel
"Hi Pam, just a quick note to say thank you for all your help and advice last year - and previous to that. we had a baby boy in the end." Helen
"Having had problems conceiving after a miscarriage and an ectopic I decided to try out acupuncture. Having read the reviews about Pam I was convinced that it would be worth a try. From the minute I met Pam I knew I was in good hands and felt 100% relaxed and comfortable. I found her advice (and took those horrible herbs!!) and less than 3 weeeks later ..... a positive pregnancy test. I am really grateful to Pam, even in sukch a short space of time a little miracle! I will continue with treatment, it's so relaxing and un-winding. I cannot thank Pam enough. 100% recommendation." Kim
"I came to see Pam after 3 years of unsuccessful attempts at conception. we were on the cusp of having IVF and we wanted to give everything/anything 'a go' to avoid that process. Not only did I find Pam areassuring, knowledgeable and attentive, but she is positive and persuasive as we qucikly managed to draft my husband too. After three sessions for me and two for my husband we conceived!! I am now nine weeks pregnant and feeling balanced and confident with morning sickness under control thanks to some nifty needlework. I will be back at 36 weeks to prepare for my labour. Dearest Pam, we are in your debt - we can not thank you enough." H & D
"Pam is lovely and the treatment has been wonderful." Chris
"Pamela this card has been a long time coming because I have struggled to find the words to thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping me sane throughout this long and often painful process. You've kept me going with your belief, support and laughter and of course the acupuncture. Who would have thought that something so element could be so effective. I am now contented to be just a normal expectant mum rather than an IVF case (not that you ever made me feel like that). I'm finally at that blooming stage and feel great. Thank you so much Pamela, you've played a huge part in my long journey to get here. lots of love" Jo